Referral Opportunity

AFLBS values the input and recommendations from current students, alumni, and friends like you.

Over the past few years, current students have been surveyed to determine the greatest influence on their decision to attend Bible school. Each year the results indicate that former AFLBS students have had the greatest influence in students’ decisions to come to Bible school.

We see our current students, alumni, and friends as partners in recruiting students to come to AFLBS. We see the value in spending two years at Bible school being taught the Word of God, developing life-long Christian friendships, and training for a lifetime of serving Christ. In addition to the ministry of each congregation, AFLBS contributes significantly to the spiritual life of the AFLC by training youth workers, pastors, missionaries, parish builders, and church leaders of today and tomorrow.

With that in mind, we want to give current AFLBS students, AFLBS alumni, and friends of AFLBS an opportunity to refer prospective students. Our goal is to bring more students to Bible school so that God can continue to change lives through the teaching of His Word. As students and alumni, you are the best resource for recruiting students.

As a thank you for your efforts in referring students, we will provide an appreciation gift of either a $250 AFLBS student scholarship (for current students) or $100 gift card (for alumni and friends) for each student you refer who enrolls at AFLBS. Alumni and friends may prefer to direct their gift back to a student scholarship.

Please find details, terms, and conditions below. Also find the form below, which you will use to provide AFLBS with information about the student(s) you are referring.

We value your partnership. May God continue to do great things through AFLBS!

Referral Form

Terms & Conditions