What is VISION?

The development and expansion program of the AFLC schools.

In January of 1997, the AFLC Schools Board of Trustees met at a prayer retreat in Osceola, Wisconsin, to pray about a vision for the future of the AFLC Schools. Out of that prayer retreat came a vision for expansion.  The vision included growth of larger student bodies in both the Bible School (AFLBS) and the Seminary (AFLTS) along with more faculty and staff and buildings to accommodate the growth.

Who We Are

The Association Free Lutheran Schools include (1) The Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary (AFLTS), an intensive post-graduate program granting degrees in pastoral ministry; and (2) The Association Free Lutheran Bible School, a two-year Bible school/spiritual life skills training program that teaches applied theology, preparing students for ministry in church or secular roles.

From the inception of the seminary in 1964 and AFLBS in 1966, we’ve focused on helping students develop spiritual roots and equipping them for service. As a result, most of our graduates are actively engaged in ministry – bringing countless numbers to faith in Christ. For a better understanding of who we are and what we mean to students, please come and visit.

Deans’ Luncheons

Tour our AFLC Campus, attend a class at the Bible school or seminary, worship in chapel and have lunch with staff and students. We welcome you to visit our schools. Deans’ Luncheons are held monthly during the school year and are posted on this web site. Call the Bible school office to make a reservation so we can prepare accordingly. Also, please feel welcome to stop by and visit our campus anytime you are in the area.

Mission Statement of Association Free Lutheran Bible School & Seminary:

“Our mission is to establish students in the eternal and inerrant Word of God, for a life of faith in Jesus Christ, and faithful service in His Kingdom.”



Master Plan

Master Plan Sm
The AFLC Schools’ campus is located in Plymouth, a suburb of Minneapolis on approximately 25 acres near Medicine Lake along side the AFLC headquarter Admin offices.

Existing Buildings:

Includes the AFLC Admin Building, Seminary Chapel; Student Center, Dormitories, Seminary Housing and Staff Homes.

Future Buildings:

Auditorium/Gymnasium, New Dormitories

Phase I

Building, site work, permit & contractor fees – Completed 1999

Seminary housing structure with units for four families included site work for future units.

Additional seminary housing completed 2006 and 2007.

Phase II

Student Center – which includes classroom space, library, music area, office and cafeteria.

Heritage Hall completed in 2004.

Phase III

Current Phase

Permanent AFLBS Scholarship Fund $5,000,000

Multipurpose/Auditorium/Gymnasium/Recreation Center $5,085,000

New 100 Student Dormitory $3,835,000

These are estimates only and include all fees and furniture/fixtures associated with a building project of this size.

Phase IV

Another 100 Student Dormitory




Computer Generated Models:

New 100 Student Dormitory
Multipurpose/Auditorium/Gymnasium/Recreation Center
All architectural drawings are under review and are subject to revisions and changes.


Expanding Our Reach


Now finish the work, so that your eager willingness to do it may be matched by your completion of it, according to your means.  2 Corinthians 8:11

Building on the master plan that the Board of Trustees developed in 1997, the Schools Corporation has approved moving forward with the next phase of VISION.  A current building committee has updated plans and cost estimates for a multipurpose auditorium/gymnasium and a dormitory to accommodate an additional 100 students.

The Board of Trustees has also approved the establishment of a $5 Million Dollar Permanent Endowment Scholarship Fund for AFLBS students. The goal is to make Bible School affordable for all who desire to attend, regardless of their financial situation.

In expanding, by God’s grace, we desire to develop even better schools. The Schools Corporation has approved the Board of Trustees to pursue accreditation for our Seminary which would also make our Bible School program accredited. Going through the accreditation process will help us to improve on what we already have to offer.  Accreditation will also make it easier for our Bible School students to transfer credits to accredited colleges following Bible School.

We strongly believe that throughout this process we can and will maintain the integrity of our schools heritage and would not pursue accreditation if it would require AFLC Schools to change its core fundamental beliefs and principles.


With completion of this phase of VISION, it truly will be possible to see the number of graduates double from our Seminary and Bible School! The significant expansion of all AFLC ministry work truly is within our reach as we take steps of faith and action, allowing what only God can do through His Word and Spirit in hundreds of lives.

Affordable We are committed to providing the very best biblical education possible at an affordable cost. That is why we are establishing a five million dollar endowment fund for scholarships as part of this phase. These scholarships will be available for all students based upon need.

Academically strong and distinctive AFLBS has and continues to secure instructors of the highest quality for teaching our students. We are distinctive because our overall focus is teaching the truth of the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God so that students are better equipped for the world in which they live.

Tradition of Music Excellence Since the very beginning, music has been an important part of the overall educational experience. With the expansion of our facilities, we will be able to provide additional opportunities of musical growth for our students. We will also provide musical outreach into the surrounding communities through concerts and possible summer music camps.

Recreation, exercise, intramural and intercollgiate athletics.
These new facilities will provide more opportunities for athletics.  Having indoor space will provide greater advantages for recreation, exercise and a variety of sports that will enhance the overall experience of campus life.  We will also have the capacity to provide and host Christian sport camps during the summer.

Music and Service Ministry Teams
These teams have been a tremendous blessing and support to congregations all across the AFLC in their endeavor to expand God’s Kingdom. With the expanded facilities, we will be able to train more teams so that many more congregations can be blessed and helped through their service and ministry outreach.

Completing this next phase of VISION allows us to accommodate 250 Bible School students on campus every year!  Consider what God could do with double the number of young men and women completing our Bible School training.  This allows the AFLC to have twice as many trained and equipped Bible School graduates available to serve in AFLC congregations, in Home Missions, World Missions, Youth Ministries, Evangelism, Parish Ed, etc. The potential of many more young men considering and choosing our seminary to be trained as pastors for our AFLC congregations will be very possible with completion of this phase of VISION. Doubling the number of trained AFLC pastors does allow the AFLC tradition of free and living congregations to grow and prosper to truly allow us to expand our reach further than we can currently handle.

To God be the glory!