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We are committed to help you every step of the way through your admission process. Chad and Matthew are here to answer your questions through the application process. We are glad you are considering AFLBS!

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Michelle Alverson
Admissions Advisor
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Chad Friestad
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Matthew Pillman
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Admission Requirements

  1. It is expected that those who seek entrance to the school do so because of an earnest desire to know Christ more intimately, to follow Him more closely, and to serve Him more faithfully.
  2. In order that every student may make the most of his/her time and opportunity, he/she is expected to observe faithfully the guidelines of the school, outlined in the Student Handbook.
  3. Three recommendations: 1) a pastor, 2) spiritual mentor, and 3) Teacher or Employer are required.
  4. High school diploma or GED certificate.
  5. Proof of health care coverage. If a student does not have coverage, contact the school for special arrangements.

Application Procedure

A student needs to complete the following steps to be considered for admission to the Association Free Lutheran Bible School:

  1. Complete the application form online.
  2. Include application fee. This is required for most applications (see Application Deadlines for details).
  3. Submit High School Transcripts to the AFLBS Admissions office. Arrange to have your final transcript sent in June. Also request official transcripts from any colleges you have attended.
  4. Include 3 email addresses for references. 1) Pastor, 2) Spiritual Mentor, and 3) Teacher or Employer.

For students applying after July 1: the Health Record Form must be completed as part of the application process and will be required for acceptance.


After Acceptance

  1. Students are required to submit a $100 deposit to secure their spot, due July 1.
  2. A Health Record Form for incoming students is to be completed by a doctor or nurse practitioner and is due to the AFLBS Office by July 1. Download the Health Record Form here.

International Students

AFLBS is authorized under federal laws to enroll non-immigrant students. International applicants need to apply well in advance of normal deadlines due to the additional processing time required to accommodate the additional paper work and requirements.

International Admission Requirements

International students have the same admission requirements that are listed on the previous page for other students with the addition of the following:

  1. English proficiency. All students, regardless of national origin, must demonstrate English proficiency. A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) may be required of all international applicants from countries whose national language is not English. This test must be taken in the applicant’s home country. Students must have a minimum passing score for admission. The AFLBS identification number for the TOEFL exam is B488.
  2. Certificate of Eligibility (Immigration Form I-20). The United States Government requires individuals applying for a student visa to submit form I-20, indicating acceptance and resources to finance an education at a given college. The applicant must be formally admitted to the school as a full-time student. AFLBS will mail an I-20 to international applicants who meet admission requirements and complete the application procedure.
  3. Letter of Financial Backing. This should be a document from your sponsor (or yourself if you are providing your own support) certifying that financial resources are available to pay your expenses while you are in the U.S.A. Please include bank statements or other supporting documentation that substantiates the ability to meet financial obligations.
  4. We also request written endorsement from your pastor or leadership of your denomination.

International Application Procedure

  1. Return a completed application form to the Admissions Office along with two small photos of yourself.
  2. Return a Supplemental Application for International Students with specific evidence of financial resources. Deadline for both applications is July 1 for Fall Semester.
  3. A $300 non-refundable application fee in U.S. funds. This includes the I-901 SEVIS Application Fee.
  4. Official transcripts must be sent from high schools and all previously attended colleges. These transcripts must be translated into English.
  5. Health form must be completed by a physician and be sent to the registrar prior to acceptance. Proof of immunizations is required. All international students must provide proof of medical insurance coverage from their home countries or purchase medical insur- ance coverage in the United States. Download the Health Record Form here.
  6. Written endorsements from parents and pastor.

Apply Now

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Application Deadlines:

  • FALL 2018 – Apply Early!
    Apply by December 1 – pay no application fee, receive an AFLBS sweatshirt, and a $25 Amazon Gift Card.
  • Spring 2018 – applications due by November 15 ($25 application fee).
    The application fee increases to $50 after November 15.

Applications will not be approved until all the necessary paperwork has been received. Once your file is complete and reviewed by the AFLBS Admissions Team and the AFLBS Dean, you will be notified by mail if you have been accepted.


AFLBS offers an affordable tuition rate and a very reasonable room and board plan. Many friends of AFLBS, alumni, financial supporters, and churches donate money to keep AFLBS as affordable as possible. The total cost for the 2017-18 year at AFLBS is $11,820. This amount includes tuition, room, board, and other necessary fees.  Either the full semester amount or the minimum down payment of $3,700 is due at the time of registration for the semester you are applying for. This amount should be in the form of cash, check, money order or cashier’s check. Payment plans may be arranged with the AFLBS Student Accounts Manager. Prepayments can be made at any time. For more details on costs and payments, please refer to the AFLBS Financial Planning Sheet.


There are several different types of scholarships incoming and current AFLBS students can apply for the 2017-18 school year: Academic, Financial Aid, Music, Leadership Development, Family in Ministry, and Future Ministry Scholarships. You can apply for more than one of these scholarship categories. Please read through the requirements and descriptions of these scholarships and apply for those you are interested/qualified in receiving. All applicants must fill out the first portion of this application.

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1. Is a health form required?

The Health Form is not required for acceptance to AFLBS, but it is required before the student enrolls in classes. The Health Form is due July 1. For students applying to AFLBS after July 1, the Health Form is required as part of the application process. 

2. When do I pay the application fee?

The application fee must be paid at the time your application is submitted to AFLBS. This amount should be in the form of cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check.

3. Do I need to put down a deposit?

Yes. A $100 deposit is required once a student is accepted to secure his/her spot. The deposit is due July 1. 

4. When do I make my first payment?

Either the full semester amount or the minimum down payment of $3,300 is due at the time of registration for the semester you are applying for. This amount should be in the form of cash, check, money order or cashier’s check. Payment plans may be arranged with the AFLBS Student Accounts Manager. Pre-payments can be made at any time. For more details on costs and payments, please refer to the AFLBS Financial Planning Sheet.

5. What payment plans are offered?

See our Financial Planning Sheet for detailed information.

6. What are the application deadlines?

Application deadlines are available here.