To achieve its theological objectives, spiritual emphases, and academic goals, Free Lutheran Seminary has adapted its curriculum to promote these ends. In its instructional program the Seminary maintains a core curriculum which will give its graduates a useful grasp of the Bible, theology, church history, Christian ethics, and the skills necessary for preaching, pastoral and missionary service, evangelism, worship, and Christian education.

In addition to its core curriculum, the Seminary offers a number of elective courses. At the same time, attention is given to correlating classroom work with field education so that the student is enabled to learn through opportunities for practical ministry.

It is the purpose of Free Lutheran Seminary to promote educational excellence at the same time it keeps consistently in view of cultivation of the highest quality of personal devotional life. Classroom instruction is infused with the warmth of spiritual piety.

Free Lutheran Seminary is in the tradition of orthodox Lutheran pietism. Its endeavor is to emphasize the trained mind, the disciplined life, and the ceaseless outreach to others in caring, evangelistic, and nurturing ministry.


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