Summer Teams

About Summer Teams

During the summer, you’ll find anywhere from 30 to 40 AFLBS students scattered in teams across the US. These Summer Ministry Teams focus on teaching children in Vacation Bible School, counseling youth at Bible camps, and performing music concerts for spiritual encouragement and spreading the gospel message.

Each summer, AFLBS, along with AFLC Home Missions, sends anywhere between seven and nine teams to encourage believers, reach young people for the Lord, and make disciples of Jesus Christ through Vacation Bible School, concerts, and Bible Camps. Teams are also fully equipped to share testimonies, lead youth group events, and assist with outreach.

Meet the Teams


Made up of two men, two women, and an accompanist, this team is commited to proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ through musical concerts and through testimony of what God has done in their lives.


This team, made up of five individuals (at least two young men and two young women), serves a dual purpose in ministry. During the summer weeks, they serve as both camp worship leaders/counselors and as VBS teachers in various congregations.

Cornerstone, Timothy, Joshua, Foundation, Covenant, Zion

Each of these teams, composed of two men and two women, travel to churches throughout the AFLC, ministering to children and family through VBS. Occasionally, the teams serve as camp counselors as well.

North Barnabas

The North Barnabas team, an AFLC Home Missions team made up of two men and two women, travels throughout the midwest and eastern portion of the states, serving churches through VBS ministry.

South Barnabas

Also sent out by the AFLC Home Missions Department, the South Barnabas team conducts Vacation Bible School throughout the midwest and southwestern states.


Request a Team

Each team member goes through an application process before they are called to serve on a team. The final team selections are usually announced in mid-February. Team schedules are finalized in mid-March. Itineraries typically become complete and public at the end of March or at the beginning of April.

  • To request a team, fill out the Request Form online. Please submit forms no later than February 1st. Summer Team Requests will open December 15th and are due February 1st
  • To help us in the scheduling process, please include at least three possible dates/weeks that would work for your church to host a team. If your church or camp is open to any week, please indicate that. We will notify you when we have found a week that works best for both the team and the church, and we will confirm the date with you then.
  • Please indicate if you have a preference for an AFLBS team or a Home Missions Barnabas Team. (Home Mission Congregations have first priority for Barnabas Teams)

Cost/Suggested Donation: $1250 for a summer team to minister for one week.  $1750 ($875 per congregation) where there are two congregations and two Vacation Bible School’s in one week. For Ambassador and Majesty concerts, we ask for a free will offering to be taken at the concert.

 Team Training: All summer team members enroll in a practical Children’s Ministry training class throughout the Spring semester that prepares them for Summer ministry. All students also participate in an intensive summer ministry training week during the final week of May as well.

Team Availability: Teams are available from June 3, 2017 through August 11, 2017.

VBS Materials:   Each year, the curriculum is chosen by late February.  We send our teams fully equipped to teach this material and assist congregations in outreach and evangelism.


Contact Information

For an AFLBS Team:
(Ambassadors, Majesty, Cornerstone,
Foundation, Timothy, or Joshua):

Attn. Katie Johnson
3134 E. Medicine Lake Blvd.
Plymouth, MN  55441
(763) 544-9501

For a Barnabas Team:

AFLC Home Missions
Attn. Pastor Paul Nash
3110 E. Medicine Lake Blvd.
Plymouth, MN  55441
(763) 545-5631


What curriculum/theme is being used this year‌?

The 2017 AFLBS & Home Missions Summer teams have not yet chosen a curriculum for the Summer of 2017. The curriculum will be chosen by late February.

When do we need to submit our payment for the team‌? Before the team comes or after‌?

All payments from churches are due to the AFLBS office by July 15. We encourage churches to make payments earlier, if possible.

Does the team provide its own transportation?

Yes. The team drives a van that will transport them to each ministry destination. When team members are staying in separate homes, they will occasionally request a ride from their host family. Those details can be worked out upon arrival.

Are we responsible for housing the team?

Yes. Churches are asked to provide host families for the team. Typically, male team members stay in one home and female members stay in another home.

How many male and female team members are on each team?

Most teams have two males and two females. Five person music teams have either two males and three females or two females and three males.

Are we responsible for meals for the team?

Yes. We ask that the church provide meals for the team throughout the week, whether it's meals provided in host homes, meals hosted at the church, or meals hosted by various congregation members. This usually is a highlight of the team’s stay and an enjoyable experience for host churches.

How do you recommend dividing age group/classes‌?

Typically, students are divided into four groups: Pre-school and Kindergarten; 1st and 2nd grade; 3rd and 4thgrade; and 5th and 6th grade. Each team member will be responsible for teaching one age group. For churches with very large VBS programs (75 or more kids), we recommend these groups to be further divided and for the church to provide additional teachers.

Who is in charge of crafts?

Churches are responsible for providing craft supplies. It is recommended that the church also provide a craft leader. The team will be available for assisting the craft leader. In the absence of a craft leader, team members can lead the craft time, provided they have proper instructions and supplies.

Who is in charge of games?

Our teams will be fully trained to lead game time for the kids. However, if churches decide to provide their own game leader, the team members will be more than willing to participate and help the game leader.